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Plasma pen fibroblast Beierplasm K85 With 5 Years Warranty
Beierplasm K85 is the first continuous working plasma lift in the world. Plasma sine wave working principle give 8 frequency and release different fire power.Plasma pen fibroblast Beierplasm K85 With 5 Years Warranty.
Portable RF Eyebeier Skin Tightening Facial Wrinkle Removal Beauty Machine
Ibeier rfion is Heat transfer to the bottom of the muscle in 1 second, without damaging the epidermis, raise the temperature of the skin to 42°C in 30 seconds to restructure and regenerate collagen fibers.It can tighten and whiten skin, diminish wrinkles and shrink pores beauty device. Suitable for V face, neck lift, jaw lift,eye area,forhead,shoulder,hand etc.
ibeier oxygen injection
Fine atomization, small molecule water directly reaches the bottom of the skin. Can allow skin to absorb moisture and supplement nutrition.
2021 Hot Electric hyaluronic pen gun auto adjustment dose
Electric hyaluronic pen gun auto adjustment dose and auto shooting. Accept OEM logo in the screen display basic MOQ 10 pcs.
Ibeier hyaluronic machine K30
Ibeier hyaluronic acid machine auto working, do not need to add pressure after each shot. The dosage could be setting, 100% without dose wasted
Cellulite removal K07
Vacuum slimming machine using vortex and RF vacuum technique to remove fatty cells so that arrive body slimming and cellulite remove improvement
Hyaluronic acid mask K13
Acid peptides mask main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, with a little EGF content as well so that push skin soon recover. So this mask mainly use in beauty salon after microneedle, mesogun or other beauty machine treatment. As after surgery repair mask use. All ingredient list without any oily content so that won’t leave any scars or steps. Applying mask on face feel a little cool, it is the material calming down skin. If for daily home use one week do not allow use over 3pcs. Our factory located in Guangzhou China accept visiting and OEM basic on MOQ over 30,000 sheets. 6 sheets/box.
ND yag laser K91
ND yag Pico laser tattoo removal machine comes with 4 treatment head 755nm, 532nm and 1064nm wavelength for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation remove, tattoo remove and redness remove etc.
collagen silk serum, K15
collagen silk serum is the latest collagen silk serum using patent penetration technique soon deliver serum to deeper skin layer without any skin damage. Work with microneedle, derma roller, mesogun, RF machine etc.
Hyaluron pen K22
Hyaluron pen for hyaluronic acid serum delivery without bleeding or any skin hurt. Accept bulk order and OEM.
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