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BEIER slimming K92

beier slimming machine for lose weight and skin tighten use, also could do vacuum massage help for body relex. Three size cartridge for different treatment

Beier slimming machine with biological wave sunction to dissolve fatty cells.

Beier slimming machine working with 940nm red light and R-ray light RF ennergy, offer skin tighten and skin rejuvenation. Vacuum power max 8kg, energy could reach fatty level promote blood circultation and body relex. Fatty cells doing high activity under negative pressure then soon shorten size to arrive slimming improvement. 3 size cartridge for facial and body different lcoation treatment so that fit all treatment size.

slimming machine
Core technology
The latest bipolar radio frequency technology
  radiofrequency energy transmits heat energy to the adipose layer deep in the dermis.
 √  provide stable and up-to-date rf technology  √   adjustable rf energy intensity.
Vacuum negative pressure technology
  Strong and stable negative pressure performance.  √ adjustable vacuum negative pressure.   √  various vacuum pulse modes (continuous, high-speed, normal and low speed).


Vacuum negative pressure adsorption
Maximum 8 kg of negative pressure suction output, can be all kinds of skin tissue at all levels fully adsorption, energy more effectively achieve subcutaneous tissue (fat layer), at the same time, absorption and release negative pressure effect to promote the blood circulation, improve the local tissue metabolism, absorption and release negative pressure effect can fully relax the skin and muscle tissue, relieve skin and muscle fatigue, such as infrared energy losing at this time the patient comfort will be multiplied.
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940nm red and infrared light
The infrared light emitted by the therapeutic hand device can penetrate the entire skin layer, with the effect of dilating blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation, accelerating lymphatic circulation, and increasing blood oxygen saturation in local tissues. At the same time, this band spectrum can accelerate the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue and play a role in promoting subcutaneous adipose ablation.

slimming machine



Dual level radio frequency technology 


RF for short: it is a high frequency alternating current electromagnetic wave short. Those that change more than 10,000 times a second are called high-frequency currents, and radio frequency is such a high frequency current. When radio frequency wave effects on the skin, can make the dermis collagen fiber heating to 45 ℃ to 65 ℃, collagen contraction, immediately make sagging skin wrinkles were taut, and stimulated the true cortex hyperplasia of collagen will gradually, prompted the dermis, tight and elastic recovery, so as to achieve the goal of firming, anti-wrinkle.




○ Postpartum repair, stretch marks remove, orange peel fat and proud flesh remove.
○ Skin tighten, enhance buttock lift, waist slimming and create body curves.
○ Body slimming lose weight and fatty group remove.



Product Structure


B E I E R   S l i  m m i n g   m a c h i n e   K 9 2 
Quick  Details
  RF energy: 1-20 level mode   Vacuum energy: 1-10 level mode   Display: 8 "TFT true color touch screen  
 Way to work: Pulse form pulse width: 0.5s-7.5s   Negative pressure:Absolute value: 60kpa-10kpa (7.6 cmhg-60.8 cmHg)
Relative: 20 kpa to 90 kpa cmHg cmHg (15.2 68.4)  
 Pump flow:60L/min   Roller rotation speed: 0-55rpm   Roller working mode:Four kinds of  
Focusing on the frequency of fat detonation:35KHz-45KHz   Red and infrared wavelengths:700-2000nm   Size:34x33x42cm

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