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Foldable LED mask, K65

Foldable led mask including 4 group biolight light to provide skin repair, redness remove, acne remove etc. treatment. Could apply on beauty salon after machine treatment


             FOLDABLE LED MASK

Foldable  LED mask for skin repair
Redness remove and skin rejuvenation.         


Foldable led mask including 4 group biolight light. Using the newest photon technique to provide biolight treatment but not traditional LED light.
Photon light treatment offer warm light but touch machine body it is without heating. Physical therapy and biotherapy difference on the machine temperature.



Use low-power &cold-source LED .Uses 30°-40 ° closest to body temperature.
The light is moderately soft. At the same time as the cosmetic effect,
it will not damage the epidermal cell tissue of the skin,
and it will not hurt without the eye mask.

Adopting 264 imported lamp beads, Uniform light output, unique light energy mode.
Enhances microcirculation through chemistry, promotes metabolism, and kills bacteria and promotes blood circulation.
Stimulates the production of collagen, penetrates the deep tissues of the skin,
and stimulates the lymphatics to stimulate the nervous system, relax and repair the allergic skin.




Red light
arrive skin dermis and SMAS
layer for skin rejuvenation.
Yellow light 
Inhibit bacterial growth.             
Purple light
health for collagen rebuild.         

Cyan Light 
promote oily and moisture balance.

4 light power setting.
Red light and Cyan Light
 exchange,one color stay 3
secondsthenexchange to another
color For redness remove and
skin clam down.
Red light and purple light
exchange treatment.

Foldable LED mask  " 



Product Name Foldable LED mask
Model Number K65
Size:  L52 * H31 * W26 cm
Package size:  50 * 26 *32 cm
G.W:   3.6 kg
Light color:
 red, purple, yellow, cyan
Box size 32x44x18cm
 Product main body   Adapter with power cable
Eyes mask   User's manual  


Machine provide one year warranty, if receive machine not in good condition, please contact us within 15 days, will offer replacement without charge.
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