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Ibeier Black Golden Thermagic K69

Main function Anti-wrinkle, lifting, firming. use on face and eye.
Product introduction
It uses high-energy head to conduct high-energy radio frequency waves deep into the skin,
and heats deep skin tissues three-dimensionally to stimulate skin collagen and fibers, reconstruct
collagen scaffolds, and make skin firm instantly; Continuously stimulate collagen regeneration to
maintain the long-term lifting effect. It improves skin sagging, sagging, wrinkles, dull complexion
and other skin problems, and it keeps the face younger.

One year warranty
Ibeier rfion is Heat transfer to the bottom of the muscle in 1 second, without damaging the epidermis, raise the temperature of the skin to 42°C in 30 seconds to restructure and regenerate collagen fibers.It can tighten and whiten skin, diminish wrinkles and shrink pores beauty device. Suitable for V face, neck lift, jaw lift,eye area,forhead,shoulder,hand etc.
Eyebeier K20 dark circle removal and eyes wrinkle removal machine using unique solor RF to promote collagen fiber rebuild to arrive wrinkle remove function. At the same time serum and vibration help for blood vessel flow.
Factory Price Triangle RF Face Lifting Beauty Machine for Wrinkle Removal
Fractional Microneedle RF Machine for Acne Scar Stretch Marks Removal rf microneedling machine fractional
Main function Anti-wrinkle, lifting, firming. use on face and eye.
RF eyebeier using RF + vibration +LED photon + serum delivery principle to reach wrinkle remove and dark circle remove function. Unique anti human impedance system ensure 8-10 minutes could all get treatment improvement on clients’ face, without exception. Traditional RF machine use solo-core 2Khz frequency, have to paste a tablet behind clients’ back to ensure electronic circulation to do treatment. However the eyebeier K55 use unique 4Khz dual-core RF power delete the tablet behind clients’ back, it is a breakthrough on radio frequency technique.
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