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Beierplasm K85 advantage and features
Beierplasm K85 is a high voltage and small frequency plasma sine wave machine. It is the most high level plasma lift technique. Cheap machine electronic only use power input and output to control energy, so it is electronic treatment but not by plasma wave.
Part of maglev 2nd generation machine use plasma square wave, with transformer inset, it is high voltage machine.
Since 3d generation plasma lift all use plasma sine wave high voltage, provide one frequency for setting treatment such as spot remove is enough.
  Even the high voltage output arrive 2000KV and frequency arrive 500Hz, it is still under control, high quality voltage enough to support such strong wave currency.
Through plasma fire could burn down wrinkle, neoplasm, stretch marks, spider marks etc. Width power range for different treatment could make smallest treatment spot so that help for recover.
One time press trigger continuous shooting 25 seconds could save more treatment time and ensure treatment stable. If one treatment takes 30 minutes by other machine, use beierplasm only take 10-12 minutes.
Plug for each country prepared. Do not need to consider the voltage things because inset strong transformer. One machine one series code, after purchase will have record and trace machine original distributor or end users, selling data and original setting etc. It is full after sales series.
Over 200pcs as the first order consider exclusive terms. Could discuss more details with us.
beierplasm K85
Beierplasm continuous working technique require very strong transformer and PCB so that won't burn down during continuous shooting. Or high temperature get it melt. Beierplasm K85 will not raise temperature even long term use.

2019/03/07 10:51
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