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FAQ about MAGSLIM builds mascle and body shapping machine

1. More about compact magnetic wave technology.
High-energy concentrated electromagnetic wave technology is a non-invasive medical technology.
Interact with the patient's muscle tissue through the magnetic field,
and then exercise the muscles, thereby improving muscle mass and strength.
It is based on Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction, emits a focused electric field,
and uses Tesla as a strength calculation unit to safely enter the body and interact with motor neurons.
The purpose is to trigger super-strong muscle contraction and increase muscle mass.

2. About the cycle and arrangement of treatment.
The treatment time is 30 minutes, the entire treatment process takes about 60 minutes,
2-3 times a week, after receiving the treatment course,
you will not feel pain, so you can work normally.

3.Which body part can receive MAGSLIM care?
MAGSLIM can improve the muscle lines of the abdomen, buttocks and limbs,
but also because the MAGSLIM helps to build muscles and promote fat metabolism,
so other parts of the body can also be used. Care areas include the abdomen, buttocks, Arms, legs.

4.How much fat can be cut after a month of care?
According to clinical research, after MAGSLIM care,
the patient's fat decreased by an average of 20%, and the waist size decreased by an average of 1.5 inches (4 cm)

5.How much muscle mass can I improve after treatment?
Clinical studies have shown that after receiving four time MAGSLIM treatments, muscle mass increased by 16%

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