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IPL hair remove machine K89

IPL could use E-light energy heating hair follicle so that kill it and stop hair growth, then arrive hair remove result forever

IPL hair remove machine
IPL and E light beauty instrument using RF bipolar radiofrequency technology, E light beauty instrument for the entire dermis and connective tissue, stimulate collagen in different depth, rearrange and growth, so as to achieve therapeutic effects, two-stage RF release energy at the same time, using the skin on the selective absorption of light energy, make various pathological tissues of epidermis and the dermis, produce light pyrolysis effect. Because the light is much lower than traditional IPL, but on the premise of not injure skin epidermis, dermis, all kinds of pigment and vascular lesion tissues absorb more energy, better remove the diseased tissue, the effect of treatment.


IPL hair remove machine K89


Permanent depilation principle
E light hair removal is a kind of new effective hair removal techniques: filtered intense pulsed light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and hair follicles and translated into heat energy, thermal energy to make the hair shaft and follicle rapid heating up, when the temperature is above 60 ° C to split hair damage, hair growth, hair follicle degeneration, dermal papilla cells die, eventually make original hair, out new hair growth slow, and thin, and even no growth.

Hair removal
E-light hair removal is forever hair remvoe technique. Intense pulsed light easy to absorbed by pigment under hair follicle then transfer into heating energy.

CASE  before&after 
OPT hair removal IPL hair removal
Acne remove
Propionibacterium propionate in acne was killed by short band strong light. Red light, infrared light and radio frequency current decreased the activity of sebaceous gland. At the same time active collagen fiber rebuild and growth to reach acne removal.
CASE  before&after 
 hair removal


IPL hair remove machine K89
Quick  Details

 Output Power:640-1200nm   Energy density: IPL 1-50J/cm²;RF 1~25J/cm²   Pulse number: 1-5  
 Pulse length:  E light:50-2500ms;   Pulse delay:E light 1~5s   Repeat cycle:1~5s  
 Spot area:10*40mm   Input power supply:AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz   Packing volume:98*61*75cm  
Weight:51kg   Instrument power:1500w  

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IPL could use E-light energy heating hair follicle so that kill it and stop hair growth, then arrive hair remove result forever
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