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Nano microneedle therapy system K31

Professional No Needle Mesotherapy Beauty Machine Skin Rejuvenation Injection Spray Gun Anti Aging Mesogun for Face Lifting

Ordinary skin care products can only penetrate the skin surface, and it is difficult to reach the dermis

General effect.


Microneedles can create a large number of tiny channels, allowing active ingredients to penetrate into the skin effectively,
and promote skin collagen regeneration.


Superconducting technology, painless and non-invasive, creating healthy skin.


RF tungsten-gold superconducting technology, penetrates the epidermis, enhances permeability and speeds up absorption.



---Skin rejuvenation ,wrinkle removal and pigmentation removal
---Skin tightening,Enhance skin metabolism, anti-aging
 --Activation of collagen cells, enhancing skin elasticity and gloss
---Remove facial fine lines and crow's feet, plain word lines ,etc.



To solve six problems at a time

Full penetration,let your skin young


1. Restore the elasticity

2. Replenishment water

3. Contraction pore

4. Improve skin

5. Wrinkles removal

6. Whitening




1. Mutiple effect

Hyaluronic acid+N kinds of beauty to choose from MESO gun

2. Convenient

   Accurate import,quick and convenient,anytime and any where

3. Non-surgical

   Traumatic small

1.Wrinkle Remover

2. Anti-Hair Removal

3. Anti-Puffiness

4. Blood Vessels Removal

5. Cellulite Reduction

6. Dark Circles

7. Moisturizer

8. Pigment Removal

9. Skin Rejuvenation

10. Whitening


One year warranty
Electric hyaluronic pen gun auto adjustment dose and auto shooting. Accept OEM logo in the screen display basic MOQ 10 pcs.
Ibeier hyaluronic acid machine auto working, do not need to add pressure after each shot. The dosage could be setting, 100% without dose wasted
No needle vital injector using high speed liquid instead of actual needle insert. Machine inset strong motor to compress air so that push it come out like a lot “liquid bullet” could soon come to deeper skin layer. Because without actual needle insert so the whole treatment without bleeding or skin hurt. in contrast if actual vital injector could reach 100% effect. This no needle mesogun could only arrive 50%. Body, face and hair skin could all use it. Liquid serum allow, serum not available or will cause machine nozzle block. Mostly use hyaluronic acid, VE and some similar serum. Dosage, treatment depth and shooting frequency could be adjusted.
Needless mesogun for invasive beauty serum delivery. Do not need any consumable or skin insert to deliver cosmetics to deeper skin layer, both work for regular beauty salon and aesthetic clinic.
Professional No Needle Mesotherapy Beauty Machine Skin Rejuvenation Injection Spray Gun Anti Aging Mesogun for Face Lifting
hyaluronic pen special for hyaluronic acid filler delivery, such as lips filler, noice filler and other wrinkle filler
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