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New 6 in 1 radio frequency lipo laser rf cavitation machine body slimming cavitacion professional

6 in 1 RF Cavitation Lipolaser Body Slimming Machine
Products Description
6 in 1 RF Cavitation Lipolaser Body Slimming Machine
Product parameter
Product Name 6 in 1 Desktop Fat Blasting Slimming Machine
Model number K35
Type Plug-in
Technology Ultrasound + Vacuum + Lipo Laser + RF (tripole, quadrupole, sextupole)
Rated voltage 220V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Handle quantity 5pcs
Laser plate quantity 8pcs
Mains output 100VA
Energy output 56×180mW
Laser diode wavelength 635-650nm
Ultrasound frequency 40KHz
Operation mode Continuous
Cooling system Air cooling
Package size 47*28*44cm
Package weight About 10.5kg

Working Principle

This machine adopts multiple technologies of RF, 40KHz ultrasound cavitation, vacuum suction and lipo laser.
1.1 MHz RF: exhausting the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through hepatoenteral circulation.
2.40KHz cavitation: emitted to vibrate fat cells at top speed to promote cells motivation so as to reduce fat.
3.Vacuum RF: focusing the RF energy on a specific area to reduce fat, accelerate metabolism, relieve muscle fatigue, and tighten the skin by delivering thermal energy and by suction massage.
4. Lipolaser : It can penetrate deep into the skin to promote metabolism with its unique wavelength so as to reduce fat and achieve slimming effect.


1. 4 technologies in 1 —— RF, Ultrasound Cavitation, Vacuum and Laser.
2. 3 RF handles —— tripole, quadrupole and sextupole for precise treatment on face, arms, legs, belly, hips, etc.
3. 8 laser plates —— available for efficient fat blasting on different operated body parts.
4. Adjustable intensity —— from low to high according to individual tolerance and needs.
5. Multi-functions —— slimming & tightening effects on face & body.
6. Safe & non-invasive —— no pain, no radiation, no side effects.
7. Touch screen —— easy & convenient to operate under clear guidance.


—— Reduce fat
—— Tighten skin
——Relax muscle
——Lymphatic drainage
——Accelerate blood circulation
—— Improve absorption of skin care products
—— Anti-aging
—— Lift skin
—— Tighten skin
—— Rejuvenate skin
—— Remove wrinkles
—— Improve skin elasticity

Product Display

One year warranty
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