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Plasma lift needle K80-A

plasma lift pen fit for beierplasm K85 and plasma lift K29.

Each needle been sterilzied and packed in single pocket print CE
Plasma lift needle in copper needle fit for beierpalsm K85 and plasma lift K29

Since the 2nd generration plasma lift K29 purchase after July 2017 could fit for this needle. Machine from others use dental needle original could not fit for out needle. Besides, all maglev plasma pen from others use 12V 1A, we use 5V 2A. The whole PCB design, battery and transformer, even charger also different, so we don't serve for others' machine.

Beierplasm K85 could use this needle. 100pcs packing into a box, MOQ is 100pcs.

Beierplasm K85 is the first continuous working plasma lift in the world. Plasma sine wave working principle give 8 frequency and release different fire power.Plasma pen fibroblast Beierplasm K85 With 5 Years Warranty.
Plasma pen maglev K29 is the most classic item which popular use in European countries. It is only 2 power level control by voltage and transformer turn it into plasma sine wave. So even it is simply design but still a plasma pen for eyelid lifting and wrinkle remove. Now is the 3rd generation using copper needle could be bend, do not do further upgrade on this item because since September 2019 our new plasma item beierplasm K85 already finish design. A lot distributors, including exclusive distributors already singed in some countries. K29 plasma pen two power level voltage 1.48KV and 2.02KV standard shooting need 3-5 days scars fall off. Offer demo video and English user manual, do not provide details treatment training. Logo branded accepted. Need more high level plasma lift please check beierplasm K85.
plasma lift pen fit for beierplasm K85 and plasma lift K29.
CE approved fractional plasma fibroblast plasma pen
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