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Repair gel for aesthetic medical treatment K78

Repair gel ibeier  K78 for plasma lift, microneedling, mesogun and other aesthetic medical beauty treatment repair, could help for skin calm down and redness remove

Repair Gel Ibeier K78

Repair gel ibeier K78 

Repair gel ibeier K78 special design for microneedling, derma roller and mesotherapy use.
After treatment could use repair serum ibeier k78 soon remove redness and help for skin recover.
Some other aesthetic machine such as plasma lift, RF machine and ultrasonic could also use K78.
Also it is widly use on laser machine repair.

Repair gel Ibeier K78 ingredient

Water, Butylene Glycol, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Fruit Extract, Cerratonia Siliqua (carob) Seedextract, See Whip Extract, Saccharomyces Polypeptides, Aloe Barvadensis Leaf Juixe Powder, Caenosine, Oligopeptides-1, Sodiumhyaluronate, Carbomer, Trieth-anolamine, Methylparben, Methylisothiazolinone


After cleaning , apply right amount of this repair gel apply on facial, slightly massage until absorption. If after aesthetic treatment skin bleeding should use it after wound dry. Clients could use it after repair mask so that keep skin moistening
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We have full gift box for whole mesotherapy,
microneedling and derma roller use

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6 pieces

Peptide oligopeptide is the smallest collagen cells unit in natural and extract from the marine. It is very expensive silk, after dissove with hyaluronic acid could delivery to skin and absorbed directly. Could work with all needle free injector.

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Hyaluronic acid mask main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, with a little EGF content as well so that push skin soon recover. So this mask mainly use in beauty salon after microneedle, mesogun or other beauty machine treatment. As after surgery repair mask use. All ingredient list without any oily content so that won’t leave any scars or steps. Applying mask on face feel a little cool, it is the material calming down skin.

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With high content calm skin ingredient, it is like a cloth, after wet and apply on skin will solidificate and lift skin, very effective on shapping. Before lifting 5D mask have to cover moistening mask first so that skin won't lose moisture.

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After beauty machine treatment and sun repair, special using on calming and anti-inflammatory effect.



Product list
Hyaluronic acid mask x 6 pieces
  TDA peptides serum x 6 pieces
5D sculpture mask x 6 pieces
   Repair gel x 1 bottle / 4ml 


Shelf life 3 years
Always send the latest production time products.
collagen silk serum is the latest collagen silk serum using patent penetration technique soon deliver serum to deeper skin layer without any skin damage. Work with microneedle, derma roller, mesogun, RF machine etc.
TDA peptides serum special for microneedling, mesogun, derma roller and some other serum delivery machine use. Great benefits on wrinkle remove, hydrating and face lighting. One set serum combined by two syringe, one fill hyaluronic acid, another fill peptide oligopeptide ( one of expensive marine extract ). Before using it on human face turn on the transformer on serum set then mix two material together. Each piece of serum use single gift box without ingredient and approvement information. Those all information painted on outside giftbox. 4 sets serum / box. OEM basic on 5000 boxes could make logo branded and giftbox new design. If need to develop new ingredient we prefer to discuss with you face to face.
Repair gel ibeier K78 for plasma lift, microneedling, mesogun and other aesthetic medical beauty treatment repair, could help for skin calm down and redness remove
Microneedle cosmetics box including 6 sets cosmetics for whole micro needle, derma roller or mesotherapy treatment. Inset 6 sets calm mask, lifting mask, serum and repair gel. Firstly using machine deliver the serum ( main ingredient is hyaluronic acid and peptides ), then using hyaluronic acid mask content EGF, finally use 5D sculpture mask to do lifting and lighting treatment. Repair gel supply clients home use after treatment. Above all cosmetics with skin clam down ingredient aloe, medical plaster, EGF. Special for beauty salon use. Over 5000 boxes accept logo branding or package new design. If need to develop new ingredient we prefer to discuss with you in Guangzhou our factory.