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Skin analyzer K19

Skin analyzer K19 program provide customers manage system. Forever save clients information and test report.
One group of camera with three group light to test skin epidermis, skin dermis and UV scanning. 8 report including: skin moisture, skin oil, skin texture, wrinkle, pigment, acne/pores, sensitivity, and collagen fiber.
Different light has different wave length and penetration, that’s why same group of camera could scan different skin level.
Skin observed system program could be installed in any windows system, including computer, laptop and tablet.

skin observed system
Working principle 

Skin analyzer using three group of lights to scan different skin layer situation, then get result. Once get machine should installing a software ( including datebase ) so that offer refer standard. After camera capture skin from clients' skin, system will transfer it into computer languague and compare with standard picture then give report. At the beginning skin observed system was made for cosmetics distributors, so whole system easy to operation and share. With customers manage system help for further follow and long term care. Who bought from you before and who never buy, also their skin feature saved. That's why need to connect with computer use. All professional skin analyzer have to connect with computer, only simple moisture and oily detector could use app contact wireless.



Provide 8 report + comprehensive report and compare report. Could save as PDF and print. Report list including capture picture, analysis picture and standard picture, also explain to clients why this report is reliable ( working principle ). Giving reason to cause this problem, how to do daily care and expert care. On the right corner offer cosmetics recommendation if you set on your system


skin analyzer K19




Product Structure

skin analyzer




 Support OS : XP/Win7/8/10   Processing System:   Collocation Sonix loose hands , DSP processors, automatic white balance, saturation, contrast, and processing of image more perfect.
  Maximum resolution:    through software extension of up to 2560 * 1920 (5 million pixels), the best imaging resolutionof 1024 * 768800 * 600.
 Language:  Chinese/English/Spanish/Malaysia
  Reports list:     Moisture, Oil, Texture, Collagen fiber, Wrinkle, Pigment, Sensitive,  Pore + Comprehensive report + Compare Report
  Net Weight :   0.15 KG
 Resolution:  5.0 Mega Pixles   Gross Weight:   0.5 KG   Packing size:   20x22x9.5cm


5.0 million pixel camera
with thre goup of lights scan skin epidermis, skin dermis and UV layer.


Perfect customers manage system
and products recommendation.


  Products input
Input your products and select right treatment function, after testing your products recommendation will display with report together
Report explanation
Each report display standard picture and clients’ picture just capture from their skin. Offering analysis principle, what is the reason to cause this kind of problem and expert advice. On the right side is a chart analysis tell operators what is the normal range on this age, and what is currently result means.

Before and after compare
Click two report tested in different time and enter compare function could get a before after change after use skincare cosmetics or doing treatment if there is any improvement.
      Four different language Spanish Skin Observed System Software:Spanish,Malaysia,English,Chinese.

○ Can add and recommend skincare cosmetics.   
○ Forever save and manage clients report and data
○ Report on different time do compare  
 ○ Report can be saved, printedand share with clients by email / chat app


Skin observed system with one year warranty, if receive machine not in good condition could ask replacement within one month. Even over one year warranty, we will forever provide software care.
Accept languague, color, system and package OEM. Basic on MOQ 100-200 pcs first order we would love to customized new language and discussing exclusive with you. Package change basic on MOQ 500pcs.
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